Dealer Websites


List Price :995/month

Dealerships are migrating from Traditional Marketing to Internet Marketing with intelligent Websites, Microsites, Social Media Sites, Landing pages, Search Engine Optimization, and many more advanced Internet Media pages.


Features of Custom Dealer Websites


  1. DealTimer custom designs the Main Websites and secondary Websites
  2. Adds Sales Floor Landing Page with dozens of features
  3. Adds Used Car Landing Page with used car specials, locate my car, and several other features
  4. Adds Service Floor Landing Page with service specials, interactive site to schedule an appointment and several more powerful features
  5. Adds Research and Reviews Pages to help customers perform complete research on new models, concept cars, etc.
  6. Add Finance Manager’s menu selling products page that attracts few customers with extended warranty, secure etch, etc.
  7. Add customized specials pages to link customers for book marking and schedule a test drive.

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