BDC Follow Up Letter

List Price :None/month

DealTimer's BDC system helps in totally automated operations for mailing Post Sale Thank you letters.

Connects to DMS System.

Pulls the Customer Profiles of all customers purchased vehicles

Print “Post sale Thank you” letter as customized by Sales Managers

Mail the letters before manufacturer survey hits customers

Also, send an e-mail with the same content, as an alternative mode of communication

Add Voice feature to the follow up,

One time Sales Campaign for all Service Customers.

Features of BDC Follow Up Letters

  1. Apart from sending Post Sale Thank you Letters, now Dealers can use the BDC system to solicit new business from the customers in sold vehicle database.
  2. They can send additional “post Sale ” thank you letters, even after 60 days, by including a note to remind them to schedule a first maintenance of oil change and further new vehicle inspection steps for free or little fee.
  3. Dealers can extend the concept of sending such letters for 1st year anniversary, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th year anniversaries. All these communications only improve the opportunities for asking for more new business from the existing customers. These are very simple, yet very powerful steps in not only retaining the current customers, but also driving in more service business for dealership, provided service departments reward sales for such initiatives.

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