Quick Web Chat

List Price :None/month

The powerful Chat program for car dealerships with several special features, monitor customer page views, post internet specials on customer chat client session, etc.

Features of Quick Web Chat

  1. Instant Live Chat support for dealership for customers from website
  2. Ability to publish coupons on Chat Client window on the website
  3. Ability to track Google Search Keywords used by customers
  4. Ability to monitor all the customer visiting pages on the website
  5. Double or even triple the leads from the Dealership Websites with LIVE chat
  6. Engage dealership visitors longer period on the website
  7. Make a special offer around what customer was looking for and schedule an appointment
  8. Assign the live chat session text to “Sales”, “Service” or “Parts” departments
  9. Monitor the customers live from background and initiate when you feel it is right time
  10. Follow the WebPages visited by visitor and tag along and understand what customer was looking for
  11. Question: Can I trim our monthly marketing budget with additional leads from the Website?
  12. Answer:Absolutely. Dealer Web Chat is the best solution for dealers to generate leads from their Website visitors. By doubling and even tripling the leads from their Website, either they can increase more sales with the existing staff or trim their marketing budget and a low with simple investment of $95/month.

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