Service CRM Suite

Service drive is like an emergency hospital for cars. Most of the service staff are extremely busy and there by asking them to login into 6 different service products from 6 different vendors, it is almost impossible to drive the service operations effectively!  The 6 of Service CRM products or solutions are : 1) OEm CSI Booster, 2)  Service Recall Driver, 3) Service Tele-BDC, 4) Service  Retention Marketing, 5) Service Appointment Scheduler, and 6) Service Digital Cashiers!

The Dealers’ Service CRM suite offers 6 unique product and solution offerings to the service director and advisor staff!

CSI is a reflection

OEM CSI Booster

OEM Reps keeps on reminding service directors and GMs to keep the service CSI Score to be tier-1 top in the district. OEMs provides lots of incentives to dealers with tier-1 CSI score!
  • 200% More OEM Surveys Returned
  • Both Advisors and Service Department into Tier-1  scores
  • Dealership GM and Service Directors receive all CSI Incentives from OEM
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Conquest Recall Repairs

Recall Repair Driver

Recall repairing is the easiest way to acquire new customer, as recall repair is FREE. A smart Recall Driver helps to double the Recall Repairs per month.
  • 200% Recall Repairs
  • Full-Service Recall Marketing solution
  • No Contract solution at a fractional cost of your current monthly  fee.
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never miss a call!

Service TELE-BDC Platform

Out of 100 calls to service floor, only 40% are answered, 30% into voice mail and 30% dropped or called back! DealTimer Tele-BDC guarantees every customer call is heard and made accountable!
  • 100% service calls answered
  • Service Tele-BDC plays in 16 roles
  • AI-Driven BDC complements human BDC Reps
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service conquest

Service Retention Marketing

DealTimer's Service Marketing is powered by AI Technology with campaigns designed to minimize the marketing budget and maximizing the trackable service appointments from retention marketing!
  • Result #1: First retain own customers from leaving
  • Result 2: Service Marketing with AI communications at a minimized campaign budget!
  • Retention campaigns are customized to match the vision of service director
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What we do

Service Appointment Scheduler

Double your service appointments when 100% of the calls are answered by DealTimer Service Tele-BDC!
  • 200% more Service Appointments
  • AI Service Appointments if not answered by Human Staff!
  • Cost per Appointment is  down by 70%
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Digital Cashiers

Want to generate RO invoice, send it by email or SMS and get paid by customer remotely!
  • Notify the customer immediately upon RO being closed
  • Get paid for RO online
  • 90% of communication-related CSI complaints will disappear!
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