How Dealers should Create Their Own Social Media

Facebook came and connected the public. Dealers had already seen more than 100000 people. It is that Dealers have to learn how to weave a Social NET around the 100,000 they have already seen. Every month they see minimum of 500 to sell 70 to 100 cars. This way, they see minimum of 10000 new people every year. We have their contact details vaguely in DMS, and partly in CRM. If Dealers Decide, they can have their Own Facebooks, Twitters, and Googles. DealTimer can make it happen, if a Dealer is truly willing to look into this NEW phenomenon. It is very simple.

How Dealers should Create Their Own Social Media

  • Let us try to explore in understanding social through these questions.
  • Question: What type of Social Media Sites are available?
  • Answer: Social Microsites can be built on following themes:
    1. Social Media Sites linked or embedded into the Websites for Communities, Home Owner Associations, Church Groups
    2. Static Social Media Pages built in Main Websites, Landing Pages, Microsites that receive links from Social Media Content pages in Facebook, Twitter, TinyURL
    3. Ensuring that the Dealership Website is listed in 100s of Public Domain Directories and receive incoming links that boost the page rank of the main Website, microsites or landing pages.
  • Question: How to build a social platform with Dealer's own Service customer database?
  • Answer: It is very simple. Expand your CRM to support social phenomenon. For example, if you create a Blog for all Nissan GT-R sports car customers, where they discuss about the rides, maintenance, accessories, fun rides, sharing photos, etc. Is it n't social? Let us say, we create another Blog and Forums for maintaining used cars with simple fixes and typical complaints and resolutions. This is called indirect selling. This is very much possible through your own dealership's Website and CRM systems, by including Blogging and Newsletter modules of DealTimer product suite.

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