Why dealers microsites are powerful

Microsites are replacing Billboards on roadside. The maximum number of billboards one can afford is limited because of monthly FEE, where as for microsites, there is no limit, because they are presented in ETHER, in virtual mode.

If the dealership wants 20 to 30 micro sites, the vendor fee for microsites can go into thousands of dollars and often take many days to build and deploy them.

DealTimer can cut both the budget and time on Microsites to meet your creative marketing and sales ideas fulfilled through vision!

If you have creative marketing ideas to grab the market share in your local market, Microsite Engine can bring your dealership website pages in first few pages of Natural Search Engine Results of Google, MSN and Yahoo, way ahead of competing dealership pages.

Why dealers microsites are powerful

  • Every Marketing Idea germinated in Internet Manager's mind can become a Microsite
  • DealTimer offers 15 different type of microsites for New Car Sales, Used Car Sales, Research Oriented Microsites, Parts Microsites, Service Microsites, Body Shop Microsites, Coupon Based Mini Sites, Landing Page Sites for Bill Board Ads
  • If you have an idea, we have a theme to pour life into your idea. We are an engineering firm empower your creativity. We are phone call away! Please contact us for 10 minutes exploration.
  • The microsite engine provides 100s of components to build the microsite off with the following content:
    1. Dozens of buttons, forms, pages for Sales Departments
    2. Components for Finance Specials, Rebates, Dealer Incentives attractive enough for visitor to submit the leads
    3. Great Coupons, Certificates, Promotions for Service Departments with Expiration dates
  • Question:We already have few microsites built, but they are not producing the leads! Why?
  • Answer:Basic soul search analysis, if the Microsites are not generating leads for you!
    1. Are you using the right domain names?
    2. Are your microsites are Search Engine Compliant and Friendly?
    3. Does the content in your microsites have enough glue to attract customers?
    4. Are you asking customers to submit leads at right places and right time?
    5. Dealerships with great Internet Strategy and good technology partner with strength can customize the Search Engine Content to match the creative marketing ideas based on region, local competition, and others factors.
  • Question:How can DealTimer help if the dealership needs to building 30 to 50 microsites?
  • Answer:No problem. DealTimer can support building 100s of microsites for individual dealership! Also, allows Marketing directors of Dealerships in managing the microsites and the content with a mouse click by securely logging into development servers!
  • Question:What are the advantages of DealTimer in building Microsites?
  • Answer:Several Advantages of working with DealTimer for building your microsites:
    1. Depth of technology: If the dealership needs to advertise through Microsites on WEB for their Internet, Sales, Service, Parts, and Finance departments, DealTimer with more than 17 different products for Internet, Sales, Service, Finance, and BDC departments and millions of lines of code, can build microsites with ease!
    2. Lower Price: As it takes very less time to build microsites with technology depth, DealTimer charges for less for Microsites and Social Media sites.
    3. Creative ideas: Because of strong domain knowledge of 6 departments of dealership, DealTimer can be very creative in building Microsites completely on NEW CONCEPT your competition has never heard off!
    4. Search Engine Friendly: As the vendors are becoming smarter and smarter in building microsites and Websites, the Search Engine companies such as Google, Microsite and Yahoo are implementing complicated algorithms for Search Engine Ranks, Page Content Processing and Storing, and DealTimer has the technology depth to match the complicated algorithms.

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