Why Dealers should expand into Social Media

Social Media Sites can be extremely powerful if the dealership employees dedicate few hours of their time on a daily and weekly basis to export the marketing or sales promotions on vehicles, financial incentives or rebates, service coupons or parts specials on Social Media Sites.

If one is aware, there is paradigm shift happening in Social Media with Facebook, Twitter, TinyURL and other areas opening for creativity, presentation and selling, while visitors having fun of cruising the internet ship from their bed rooms or office complexes!

Why Dealers should expand into Social Media

  • Social Microsites can be built on following themes:
    1. Social Media Sites linked or embedded into the Websites for Communities, Home Owner Associations, or Church Groups
    2. Static Social Media Pages built in Main Websites, Landing Pages, Microsites that receive links from Social Media Content pages in Facebook, Twitter, TinyURL
    3. Ensuring that the Dealership Website is listed in 100s of Public Domain Directories and receive incoming link that boost the page rank of the main Website, microsites or landing pages.
  • Social media is all about creativity of the dealership. Dealerships can gain control by understanding how social media is changing so rapidly.
  • DealTimer team builds powerful social media sites that are intertwined with Main Websites, Microsites, Landing pages, Facebook, Twitter, and Creative Macrosites with 100s of buttons, forms, pages optimized for specific purpose.

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