Why Review Site for Dealerships?

Recently Google changed the way they present Google Search Engine Results against customer search keywords. Google is showing dealerships with more customer reviews on Google Places for a given search keywords at the top and then only showing regular search results based on Search Engine Optimization on the Website pages. Hence, most of the dealers are on the race to boost their positive customers reviews on the most popular models compare to the nearest competing dealer by many fold. DealTimer Reviews Engine is built to boost the customer reviews by ten times from Sales Desk, Service Desk and Parts Desk. DealTimer Reviews Engines builds a dedicated Reviews Site for the dealership and link it with the main Website. The Review sites Integrates with Google Places, Dealer Rater, Yelp and more than 15 reviews sites to Read the Reviews and Post Reviews even from Email Campaigner links directly into the respective Review Sites.

Why Review Site for Dealerships?

  • DealTimer Reviews Engine is extremely powerful and helps Dealerships employees to track positive and negative reviews timely manner and assist customers submitting the negative reviews.
    • Increase the number of positive reviews by 10 times in less than 60 days
    • Request customers buying and servicing the most popular models to submit the reviews to get improved Google Search results on these popular models.
    • Request customers from remote cities and competing towns to submit positive reviews, helping Google Search Results show up from those cities naturally
    • Earlier, one out of 50 may remember to give reviews. With Reviews Engine, a branded and dedicated Reviews site, every dealership employee can ask customer to give 30 seconds time to give review.
    • Can send Email campaign to customers with a link the Dealership Reviews Sites and remind them to give positive Reviews
    • Service and Parts Customers can give positive reviews from their Smart Phone or Ipad or Tablet while they are waiting in the service lounge
    • Sales Customers can give positive reviews from their Smart Phones or Ipad or Tablet as part of the post sales paperwork from Reviews Site
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